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Frequently Asked Questions

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Green Energy and Carbon Market

Carbon emissions from industrial processes pollute the air and harm the ecosystem. Carbon neutrality is one of the ways to prevent it. In addition to that, it also allows businesses to determine the actual economic cost of carbon in their processes and improve their efficiency by reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon offsetting allows companies to use energy in a more efficient way and cut costs accordingly. The implementation of a solid emission strategy helps you engage your employees. Finally, carbon offsetting shows your customers that you care for the environment, which can help improve your brand image and reputation.


A wholesale distributor sells your merchandise and goods to retailers, as well as other business users – commercial, industrial, institutional. They acquire large quantities of products from manufacturers and store them in their warehouses. They then market the products to prospective buyers and deliver them through their nationwide distribution networks.

Financial Advisory

Small business owners are usually too busy with their work to take proper care of their finances. Hiring a financial advisory service is thus the best way to ensure the business stays afloat. Financial advisors help develop and control budgets, run cash flow analyses, and implement strategies to help small business owners reach their financial objectives.

Loss of profit is the total sum of money a property has lost due to a negative course of events or a breach of agreement on the part of the buyer. It always occurs as a result of some type of damage and indicates the sum of money the property would have gained had the damage not happened.

Operations and Business Process Reengineering

Operations and business process reengineering allows you to improve your services and cut any unnecessary operational costs. The process involves an extensive internal and external analysis that helps identify the main operational problems of your business. The expert you hire will then develop custom-made solutions to these problems and help you implement them.

Branding and Design

Branding helps you build a distinct identity that your customers will identify with your business. It helps you stand out from the competition, which is very important in today’s crowded market. In the long run, excellent branding will help you build customer loyalty. And because people love to talk about brands, branding can also help you earn many referrals.

Think of your logo as the face of your business and your brand as its personality. Your logo will be the first thing people notice, but to capture their attention and earn their business, you will need to have a strong brand behind that logo.

Real Estate

Costa Rica is a very safe country with a stable government and a booming economy. This is the main reason why people choose to invest in property here. The country is also known for its beautiful scenery and warm tropical climate. On top of that, the government also provides a variety of incentives for foreign investors.

Yes, unlike some other countries in the world, foreign citizens can buy property in Costa Rica. There are no extra requirements regarding citizenship and residence. Whether you’re buying real estate as a company or an individual, your ownership rights are guaranteed by the constitution.

You don’t need to have an address in Costa Rica to buy property here. You will only need to have a tourist visa to complete the purchase. However, if you plan to stay in your property, keep in mind that your visa is only valid for three months. To renew it, you have to leave the country once every three months for at least 72 hours.

To attract more foreign property buyers, Costa Rica doesn’t charge capital gains tax. There is thus no double taxation. Foreign citizens only have to pay capital gains tax in their country of citizenship.

Yes, you can rent out your timeshare in Costa Rica. To do this, you must own the deed or certificate for the timeshare you’re renting out. Furthermore, you must make sure that your contract does not include a provision that explicitly prohibits this.

Most people nowadays search for property on their computers and mobile phones. Listing your property in a local newspaper or with a real estate agent is not enough for your listing to reach the right audience. Only a well-planned digital marketing campaign can give your property maximum exposure and help you find the right buyer.

With our extensive experience in digital marketing, we can give your real estate project maximum exposure across several online channels. If you upload your project to our website, we will give it a prime spot in the dedicated real estate section on our website. We will also utilize our marketing skills to ensure it reaches the right audience.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Calvur’s proactivity allowed them to overcome obstacles.

We partnered up with Calvur in the early days of our company. Their proactivity allowed them to overcome obstacles through effective communication and execution. They accomplished their results through thorough research and investigation with international companies and provided several other value-added recommendations for our business.

Juan S.

Excellent management skills.

We were looking for a new service to implement across our 30 branches and Calvur provided the best solution with several value-added technological components. Thanks to their excellent management skills, we managed to start the service on a very short notice and without any roadblocks. Everything has been running smoothly ever since and we continue to receive positive feedback on the service.

Cristina C.

They take on any challenge with a high degree of diligence.

Working with Calvur, I have been consistently impressed with their attitude and productivity. Their team is very bright and highly motivated. They take on any challenge with a high degree of diligence and have shown a remarkable willingness to take initiative and go the extra mile on every task.

Diego P.

Team players with great personal skills.

In 2017, I invited Calvur to serve as a consultant on the development of a potential market for our company’s environmental services in the Costa Rican green energy market. They came up with a potential customer list very quickly and started contacting them. Their proactivity and closing skills have helped them deliver excellent results. On top of that, they are all team players with great personal skills.

Federico C.

Their unusual mix of skills is a key asset for consultancy projects.

I was immediately surprised by Calvur’s combination of organizational and communication skills. They also showed strong analytical skills, a clear conceptual perception of ideas, and always managed to enhance their written reports and presentations with pleasant aesthetics. I believe that their unusual mix of skills is a key asset for consultancy projects where constant communication with stakeholders and clients is an important factor.

Mauricio J.

Calvur’s approach was clear and strategic.

Having started my own company, I needed someone to help me target specific markets, increase sales, and structure the company’s financial reports. Calvur’s approach was clear and strategic. In a matter of weeks, we had doubled our monthly sales, had strategic partners reaching out to us, and added more than 1,500 new followers on social media.

Juan M.

Any company that uses Calvur’s services will have made an excellent investment.

I’ve had the honor to witness the great leadership skills, teamwork, and effective management of the Calvo brothers. Their extensive knowledge in logistics, process structuring, and personnel management enabled the growth and successful expansion of our company’s mobile services department. They are not only strong leaders but also very kind with great personal skills. I have no doubt that any company that uses Calvur’s services will have made an excellent investment.

Esteban S.

They consistently exceeded expectations.

While working closely with Calvur, I have noticed their excellent communication skills. They consistently exceeded expectations regarding their role and responsibilities in developing and managing a new service in the country. They have also built a very positive and relaxed team culture where everyone feels free to contribute.

Sergio Q.

Their results were outstanding.

Calvur was in charge of developing, implementing, and selling a new service in the local market and their results were outstanding. From benchmarking and researching the service behavior and implementation obstacles to standardizing the value proposal process and presentations to possible clients, Calvur’s driven attitude and hard work turned into extraordinarily positive sales results.

Ricardo G.

Their technical skills are remarkable.

Calvur’s solid business development abilities allowed them to create, standardize, and structure the operational process for our new service. They implemented new technologies and platforms in the service and managed the financials, budget, and forecasts. I truly recommend Calvur. Their technical skills, energy, work ethics, and communication skills are remarkable. These are all highly useful assets any organization would benefit from.

Kenry K.

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